\(^ o ^)/ Ya-ho!!! Sorry for the wait! Soundless Wind art shop is now (mostly) restocked! Meaning, buttons, stickers, and the likes are now available again.

 NEW to the shop: 11x17” tabloid posters, in addition to posters by another artist, Mimimiru (2nd picture); and with every order, we’ll include a postcard.

I still have to restock a number of posters, but they’ll be added slowly. If you have any questions please send an email to kazehimeshop( and a shop assistant will get back to you as soon as they can. Please also let us know which items you’d like restocked (because we’re restocking in order of demand and it takes about 2 weeks per batch).

Thank you for reading, and thanks for looking!


gummibearism said: Hi, I really love your games and I just want to know that we're all cheering you on! Do you like working on many games at once, or would you rather have the luxury of focusing 1 at a time? Also--- do you plan on making another mind-blowing huge complex game like Area-X ? Nevertheless, 加油! YOU GOT DIS ~

I’m bad at multi-tasking, so I prefer focusing on one at a time. On the other hand, Nitarou is different since she works much faster than I do. She’s almost always working on future projects. She has at least 5 more games ahead of the current one ^^;;; I have to always play catch up with her.

As for another huge complex game like Area-X, yes, I have a lot of that in mind. I love creating complex stories. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if that will happen anytime soon. Right now my earning has decreased dramatically compared to last year. I don’t have the luxury to do another long game for quite some time, unless I’m lucky enough to have another hit like X-note. X-note success is what funded the creation of Area-X. Sadly Area-X isn’t doing half as well as it is. So, currently, I’m likely to opt for safer route, make shorter games and hope something will work out. ^^;;;

Thank you very much for everyone support! :D

Gotta love Nitarou’s background~ XD

Gotta love Nitarou’s background~ XD


Dragon Essence Rambling

I know I haven’t updated in a while but things just went south in the last few months. In short, I have to delay the release of Voices from the Sea. Even though the game is done, the voice isn’t. orz

So, while waiting for the voices to be completed, I decided to pick up the series that many people have asked me to finish - Dragon Essence.

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over9000-rexus said: What is your favorite game character?, or at least which was the more fun of creating or more philosophical or poetic: 3?

Favorite game character as in all my games? That will be super difficult because I spent a long time developing most of them. XD;;;

Most fun, I’d say Belph. I have a lot of fun whenever he appears in the story, trolling everyone else. And of course Mirage Fish.

Most philosophical, I’d say Livan. I’m still not sure if I managed to bring out what his character is about. A very complicated character >.<;;; Notable runner up would be Anon and Darwin.

Most poetic, I’d say Ferim. (More about him in the extra side story for Area-X V2 :3)

I might as well add, most adorable/badass, Yuras, and I have a super soft spot for Rexus. :3

Last but not least, Zoui…which is my most favorite character because of my nostalgia google. He’s one of the oldest characters I created and still remained as my most memorable creation.


over9000-rexus said: In Path Ferim how to met Essi? Actually I am a big fan but I always I met Acia in Cemetery or that holy fish xD in the fountain and I dont know what I have to do for met Essi :c. I am from Venezuela :D I love your games thanks for sharing :3

1) Go to Mcmirage, talk to ???.

2) Go to Dudebucks, talk to Boss and choose second option.

3) Toss a coin in Mirage Fountain when you visit Middle Ages.

4) Go to Present when asked which era to go in Chapter 2.

Hope that helps :3


5flavorsofanime said: When will you be announcing the voice cast for your latest game? I auditioned and I hope I get a part. *fingers crossed* Either way I'm looking forward to the game.

I have already chosen the voice cast a long time ago. I just haven’t announced it. ^^;


les-fleurs-et-des-oiseaux said: I just wanted to say that I love both Genetic Glow and Imaginary Realm. : )

That’s awesome thing to hear! I love both games too, and I hope to make more of them in the future. :D


schizominah said: Hi, I've visited your site for games before and I just rediscovered it (I love your games btw) and I noticed that some of your older games are missing??? Namely the original Other Age and some other games I can't remember the names of right now. Why did you remove them? ;;

They are too old so I removed them. ^^; You can still find them in my Deviantart, Newgrounds or Kongregrate.


Opening of Voices from Sea.